My 1st project “border”     -2016

My parents said that “You are abnormal”.
But, my friend said that “You are so unique”.

In Japan I am certified as a disabled person.

I am interested in the border between normal and abnormal.

《smile》from the series of “border”

My 2nd project “sympathy”       – in progress

My psychiatric doctor said that

“You don’t have sympathy because of your illness ”

Is that true?

In the real meaning, Can we understand others?
How do we understand others?

This project is in progress.

《blind view》from the series of “sympathy”

My 3rd project “No one looks at me”   -2017

I am scared of eyes of others.

Think deeply, I may be lonely.
So, I assume that “The others look at me”

The fact is

“No one looks at me”

《Please stop looking》from the series of “No one looks at me”

My 4th project “What do you label this person?” (Current project)

We have many labels.
For example,

I’m <Japanese>, <Male>, <Unemployed>, <Nonsectarian>,<Mental disorder>…

Can you understand the unknown person who is on my photographs?
I am interested in the way how the unknown person is understood.

「Tell me how you feel when you look my photographs.」

So, I use instagram.

This project is 《What do you label this person?》on instagram.

《ordinary day》from the series of “What do you label this person?”